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Our Mission

We uplift minorities so that they may reach their highest potential in an effort to reduce the achievement gap and equalize opportunities and success. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where parents will be more knowledgeable about the education system, and a world where we eliminate the achievement gap and students are able to reach their goals. 

Our Values

We value education amongst families and balanced opportunities regardless of someone’s ethnicity, background, or socioeconomic status. 

We value working in community to address systemic barriers to help young people achieve their goals. 

Meet Our Executive Team

Vilmania is a sixteen year old senior currently attending Technology High School. As an immigrant from Nicaragua, and a first generation student, she has become devoted to helping students from all backgrounds after experiencing a lack of information and resources throughout her education. As a result, Vilmania has developed a passion for expanding her knowledge by showing dedication to her academics, and finding opportunities to help her reach her academic goals. She is a dedicated member of her community racking up numerous hours of community service. Vilmania also cares a lot about the environment and is Vice-President of Tech High’s Sustainability Club. Aside from that, she also expresses her creativity through graphic design in her own clothing business. In the future, she hopes to pursue higher education and continue helping people to create an impact in our world.







Micah is a high school student currently attending Technology High School in Rohnert Park, California. He spends his free time playing piano, and reading. Extremely caring about his community, Micah spends a lot of his time volunteering at Ceres Community Project providing food for people with serious illnesses. He hopes to broaden his reach and continue to impact the lives of those in his community. As an advocate for human rights Micah thinks that everyone should be afforded the same opportunities independent from external factors, therefore the Community of Success mission resonates deeply with him. He is also Treasurer for his school’s Sustainability Club. In the future, Micah hopes to continue volunteering, and make a change in his community, and go to college to study economics.




Lana Bolz is attending Technology High School and is going into junior year. Lana is extremely involved in her community, being a lifeguard and swim instructor to  youth throughout the year. Lana is a strong advocate for the elimination of climate change, the amplification of oppressed voices, female empowerment, the eradication of mental health stigmas, and overall, reshaping the youth to be more ethical than the society we live in today. As a Latinx 2nd generation woman, she wants to create a future where constraint upon minorities isn’t tolerated. Through her numerous community service hours she has demonstrated her motivation and dedication to helping the community. She also serves as a board member for Tech High’s Sustainability Club. She wants to invite the community to move forward in practicing allyship and empathy. Lana is very excited to be a part of Community of Success to encourage and empower those around her.




Yadira Mejia is currently enrolled as a Junior at Technology High School, where she is on the board of the school’s Medical Club as their public relations officer. Yadira is a strong advocate for the end of domestic violence, anti-trafficking legislation, immigrant and refugees, and is also a proud LGBTQ+ ally. She is pursuing the end of oppression and the creation equality. Yadira has a personal commitment of educating herself as much as possible. She has first hand experienced the beauty of her community coming together for what is right by protesting for what she believes is right. Yadira has given presentations to the youth of her community to educate them on the the importance of the issues going on around them such as mental health. She has a great passion for literature as she spends her days volunteering at her local library often reading to children. As a second generation Latina, it is important to her to keep in touch with her roots but to also carve out her own identity. She wants to to be able to look back when she’s older and be proud of herself for using her voice and being heard, along with positively influencing the people around her. Yadira is excited to be a part of Community of Success as she strongly believes in the organization's mission to uplift minorities to have the achievement gap reduced.

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